Military Surplus- The Best Deals on Military and Army Tactical Gear

Military surplus deals are a great way to stock up on quality essential gear at a discount.  We’ve done the research and found the best gear at the best process.  On everything from surplus clothing, backpacks, knives, and guns.  

Military Surplus

U.S. Military Large Rucksack

At under $35, this is a fantastic deal on multi use military backpacks.  These guys have great deals on U.S., French, Romanian, Italian, and Hungarian backpacks and ruck sacks.  Definitely worth checking out, tremendous value and durability for your dollar.  

U.S. and British Military Shirts and Coats

High quality t shirts, sleep shirts, and jackets are all available from the Sportsmans Guide.  We have ordered quite a few and been more than happy with all of them.  

Cash Advance for Settlements and Lawsuits

Military Boot Socks and Dress Socks

These socks are a must and extremely durable.  We bought out 12 pairs 6 months ago and they show no wear and tear.


Here is a list of some more exotic gear:

Spanish Surplus Leather Belt

French Military Boonie Hat

Italian Military Police Trench Coat

Italian Military Field Jacket

Fox tactical Air Force Coveralls

French Used Military Tactical vest

Mil Tec Soft Shell layer Pants

US Military Quarter Fleece

Brisish Military Surplus Adjustable Pistol

British Military Surplus DPM Shirts

Military Collectibles offer you a chance to own a piece of history.  Everythign from Russian Military gas masks and goggles to NATO backpacks and gas masks.

US military right hand flag patches are extremely popular today.  

A German military folding shovel is very cool 







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